Special Shape Window Shutters for Large Barn Conversion Gable End in Bishopstone

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Barn Conversion Special Shape Window Shutters

Special Shape Window Shutters for Bishopstone Barn Conversion and Renovation

We recently carried out a fairly extensive shutter installation for a couple based in Bishopstone, a small village in Wiltshire. Part of the Faulston Barns project, the property was going through extensive renovations designed by Barclay & Phillips architects, and carried out by Derek Warwick Developments. Like all homes on the site, the couple’s house was a stylish barn conversion surrounded by rolling hills and farmland.

Mr and Mrs Robinson had a large gable end in the main living space that made use of large glass panels. Whilst they made the most of light streaming into the home, the couple were after a solution to help them control the light, and provide some additional privacy.

Wiltshire Window Shutters Living RoomDivided into a number of different window sections, this was definitely one of the trickier installations we’ve carried out at Shuttercraft Somerset. The size of the space presented a number of challenges, firstly when surveying, then when it came to the fitting itself.

Working closely with the developers, we had a good idea of the dimensions of the opening, as well as taking our own detailed measurements. We also worked alongside the Robinsons to help make their experience of buying shutters as easy as possible.

The job consisted of two distinct sections. The upper section of the gable end required angled special shape shutters to fit the triangle of the opening, and the lower half required a track system to provide easy access when required. Both of which presented challenges, but which we were able to overcome.

Due to the height at the top of the window, even when using a scaffold tower for the installation, we were only just able to get close enough to fix the apex corners of the upper shutters. The couple selected the Antigua range for these shutters, with 76mm louvres, brushed nickel-plated hinges and a silent (hidden) tilt mechanism for controlling the louvres.

For the larger glass expanse at ground level, the couple settled on the Cuba range, the entry-level wooden product which features premium hardwood panels in an MDF frame. The 8 panel track used a multi-fold system as well as matching the specifications of the upper section (76mm louvres, brushed nickel hinges and silent tilt).

As the property had underfloor heating the customer wanted track and board recessed flush to the floor, so we had to get tiling removed to 20mm so that we could install the track rail without disturbing the heating pipes.

Track Shutters Bishopstone Wiltshire Barn

Mrs Robinson said that they were “Very happy with the shutters”.

The couple also left a fantastic review on our Checkatrade: “Efficient and polite levels of service. Workmanship of a high quality and completed to adjusted time scales after an agreed change to supply schedule. A pleasure to do business with a professional and friendly company. Simon and Ian provide a first-class service. Thank you.”

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Shutter installation choices:

  • Colour: Silk White
  • Material: Antigua / Cuba
  • Style: Full Height / Special Shape / Bi-Fold Track
  • Features: Silent Tilt / Brushed Nickel Plated Hinges
  • Louvres: 76mm
  • Location: Bishopstone, Wiltshire

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